Serving Those Seeking Emergency Food Assistance

Partners and Supporters

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Athol Savings Bank; Barre Savings Bank; Woods Memorial Library; Barre Senior Center; Country Gourmet; Barre Business Association; Cirelli Real Estate; Barre Foods; Barre Opticians; Barre Lions Club; American Legion Auxiliary Post 2; Barre Family Health Center; Barre Red Hats; Friday Club; Barre Congregational Church (Benevolence); St. Joseph’s Women’s Guild; Barre Family Pharmacy;

Barre Pizza; Northeast Pizza; Landry and Meilus, LLP; Listening; Quabbin Regional Middle/High School; Ruggles Lane School; Quabbin Composting and Gardening Program; Oakham Congregational Church; Oakham Center School; Oakham Food Co-op; Quail Hollow Country Club; Goldsmith’s Florist; First Parish Church; Barre Women’s Club; Masonic Lodge, Barre; 

Carter and Stevens Farm; Czjakowski Farm, Hadley, MA; Quabbin Community Band; Boy Scout Troop 26; Barre Center for Buddhist Studies and Insight Mediation Society; Christ Episcopal Church; St. Thomas a Becket Church; Senator Stephen Brewer; Senator Ann Gobi; 

East Quabbin Alliance (EQUAL); Barre Farmers’ Market; Varnot’s Orchard; Hancock Farm; Many Hands Farm; Ecumenical Quilters of Barre; Wellwood Farm, Hannaford’s Supermarket, N. Brookfield, MA; R. J. McDonald, Inc.; Barre Post Office; S. Barre Post Office; Oakham Post Office; Barre Gazette, Acme Pre-Pak, Worcester, MA; Worcester County Food Bank; Country Hen; Needful Things;

Anonymous; Arthur and Joanne Gray; Bertha Finn; Susan Landry; Sharon Salzberg; Olive Tuttle; Sally Harrington; Dr. Stephen and Judith Earls; Dr. Macario Corpuz; Dr. Pamela Grimaldi; Bessie and Jane Diffley; Victoria and William King; Lucille and John Tokarz; William and Anna Robinson; Richard Stark; 

Vera Mitchell in memory of Fay Butler by Joyce Dea; In memory of Antonio and Catherine Staiti by Fran and Nancy Gromelski for Mark Staiti; Patricia and William Speiser; Tom and Carol Posey in the names of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Harrington, Mrs. Marilyn Skerry, Mrs. Wilhelminah Piper and Mrs. Theola Benedict; Maureen Dwyer; Pearl and Jeffrey Witt; Paul Dwyer; Timothy Messer, Brian Cirelli; Kellie Ruggles; 

Cheryl Adams; Diane Cusson; Debra O’Connor; Gaelan Benway; Venerable Man Shing; Gloria Castriotta; Betty Edgecombe; Robert and Ethel Garrity in honor of Mark, Susan, Matt and Betsy Turnbull; Jean Reed; Sarah Dyer; Joni Pulnik; Bill and Cathy Holmes in the spirit of giving in the names of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gildert, Mr. and Mrs. W. Dean Gildert, 

Mr. Herbert Holmes and Mrs. Dorothy Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. David Holmes and family and Debbie Fournier for Hubb Crafters and Friends; Ruth and Martin Potee; Karl and Elizabeth Sladek; Richard and Gayle Pryce; Alice and Walter Heyes; Patricia and Wilbur Sirois; Steve McCormack;

Barbara Mennard, Chuck and Lee Radlo, Angel Morrison, Nan Petrovick, Sheila Hart, Cecilia Duquette, Lynn and Charles Miller, Mary Beschta, Monica Girard, Corey Simpson, Joyce and Glen Alt, Rick Goldsmith, Martha Lam, Herb Holmes, Mark Cooley, Venerable Man Shing, Diana Champigny, Karen DiFranza, Bernice Miller, Kathlyn Inman, Carol and Doug Miller, Guido Pascale, Roy Nilson and others too numerous to mention!

Thank you!